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A professional website needs a website with short loading times. Website speed has a direct impact on user experience, conversion rate and your SEO rankings. This makes pagespeed optimization an incredible lever that can increase your sales or a bottleneck that limits the success of your business.

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  • Your page loads forever
  • High bounce rate on your page
  • Below average conversion rate
  • But you do not really know why


Do you recognize yourself?

With a slow website or online store you lose money every day! Nothing is more annoying than a website with poor loading time. Instead of waiting for a page to load, users then prefer to switch to the faster-loading competition.
Fast loading times not only make for happier visitors, but also for better SEO rankings, better ad performance and overall more sales!

According to analyses by Akamai and Portent the following rules apply to website load times:


  1. The best conversion rate is achieved with loading times between 1 and 2 seconds.
  2. A delay of 100 milliseconds can already reduce the conversion rate by 7%.
  3. Loading times of over 2 seconds can increase the bounce rate by 103%.


That means your pagespeed must be under 2 seconds!

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Pagespeed optimization FAQ

How important is pagespeed?

Good pagespeed improves user experience, SEO and the conversion rate. This makes pagespeed optimization an important lever for more sales.

How fast does my website need to be?

A website should load in less than two seconds for a pleasant user experience. The lower the load time, the better, web page speeds under one second are the optimum. 

Why is my website so slow?

A slow website loading time can have different reasons. An overloaded server, too large image files or JavaScript files that are no longer used are the most common reasons.

Full Service

Full Service

As a full-service agency, we don't leave you on your own after carrying out our analysis. We accompany you afterwards also with the implementation of the optimization measures. No matter if Core Web Vitals or PageSpeed we know what helps.



Through many years of experience, we were able to develop a rigorous concept, with measures that actually make a difference. This is how we bring the loading times of your website into the green zone.

Fair prices

Fair prices

Pagespeed optimization does not have to be expensive! After a free initial consultation, you will receive an individual offer from us according to your needs.