More regional visibility through Google My Business

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Google My Business is THE revenue engine for local businesses and service providers. With an optimized entry, sales increases of up to 300% can be achieved.

Google My Business

Advantages of Google My Business

Local visibility

Google includes company information in the local search. Regional businesses in particular benefit from this. The customer immediately sees the opening hours, location and distance and can see the route via the direct link to Google Maps.


Through the Google My Business listing, your company appears to the customer as a professional brand. You can market your good image, especially with high quality pictures and a meaningful description.

Local SEO

The listing appears in searches for both brand and organic keywords. Your business is visible not only to customers who are explicitly looking for them, but also to general searches for products and services.

How to be found by your customers

Search via smartphone
Voice search
Navigation through the map

Direct visitors directly to your website

More traffic

Increase the attention of their target audiences to drive more visitors to their company website.

More reach

Raise the profile of your company.

More customers

More than one third of all search queries have a local reference. Increase your traffic to your store through local visibility.

More turnover

Increasing sales of products and services.

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Let us create an optimized Google My Business listing for you today or optimize your existing one.

More visibility regionally
Be found on Google
Attract more customers

Google My Business

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Michael Gobran
Michael Gobran
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The cooperation with Golden Web Age has always been crowned with success so far. The team works extremely meticulously and also thinks outside the box by asking critical questions. This is exactly how we imagine a professional collaboration. Clear recommendation!

Michael Gobran
Bastian Kunkel
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I had Golden Web Age rebuild my entire website. The communication and implementation were flawless. They took a lot of work off my plate as a result, so I can focus on my main business again. Would book the service again and again :-) Thank you guys - especially Chris!

Michael Gobran
Igor Posikov
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The consulting and performance in the area of web design, SEO optimization and programming as well as texting are absolutely high quality. Very clear recommendation for all who want to bring their web presence to the next level! Thanks a lot

Michael Gobran
Sabine Anna Angel
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I have been working with GWA for a long time and in many different ways: For a wide variety of brands and companies, use cases, and a wide variety of system/IT requirements. My schedules have always been tight and my goals high. And I have always been extremely satisfied with the results that have been delivered. Especially the communication is flawless and at eye level. Crystal clear recommendation and I am already looking forward to further projects with you!

Michael Gobran
Nicolas Colsmann
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Thanks to Chris and team! Without you, would never have become so chic and successful so quickly :)

Questions & Answers (FAQ)

What are the advantages of an optimized Google My Business entry?

A Google My Business company listing is the business card on the web. This increases local visibility in Google searches, which leads to higher customer reachability.

What is Google My Business?

Google My Business is a tool for controlling the company's presence on Google. Company data can be managed centrally via a dashboard and make it available for the Google Maps, Google Plus and Google Search services.

What services does the creation and optimization of a Google My Business entry include?

Create / optimize a Google My Business listing for better regional visibility:

  • + Insertion of visually appealing image material
  • + Checking or creating the company data
  • + Checking or creating the contact details
  • + Profile picture setup (company logo)
  • + Profile banner setup
  • + Creation of SEO-optimized content for the company description
  • + SEO relevant linking to the website
  • + Checking or creating the opening hours
  • + Advice and best practices on recessions and ratings.
Is Google My Business a subscription?

No, Google My business is not a subscription. This is a one-time purchase, which is valid for one location.

Can I have subsequent changes made in Google My Business (opening hours, etc.)?

Yes, you can make changes. Just contact our support team. You can reach them at

What is a Google My Business agency and what do they offer?

A Google My Business agency is a service provider that helps businesses effectively manage and optimize their Google My Business listing. They offer services such as listing creation and optimization, reputation management, local SEO, statistical analysis and consulting. The goal is to improve the visibility of the business in local search results and maximize the success of the Google My Business listing.

How do I find a trustworthy Google My Business agency?

To find a trustworthy Google My Business agency, you can follow the steps below:

- Research: Search for agencies online and read reviews, client testimonials, and case studies.

- Expertise and experience: Check the agency's expertise and experience in Google My Business.

- Customer service and communication: Make sure the agency provides good customer service and communicates transparently with you.

- Certifications and partnerships: Check to see if the agency has any relevant certifications or partnerships.

- Costs and contracts: Clarify costs and contract terms in advance.

- Face-to-face meeting: Conduct a face-to-face meeting or video call with the agency to get to know them better.

By following these steps, you can find a trustworthy Google My Business agency that meets your requirements.

What are the advantages of working with a Google My Business agency?

Cooperation with a Google My Business agency offers the following advantages:

- Expertise and experience in using Google My Business.

- Save time by outsourcing the management and optimization of the entry.

- Professional reputation management for ratings and reviews.

- Improve local visibility through targeted SEO.

- Access to statistics and analytics to measure success.

- Regular updates and optimization of the entry.

- Consulting and training to maximize online presence.

With a Google My Business agency, you can increase the effectiveness of your listing and better showcase your business online.

You want to be found better regionally
and reach more customers?

Get Google My Business listing created now


- Looking for personal advice on the potential of Google My Business?

- You want to have a professional Google My Business profile created by a Google My Business agency?

- You want to optimize the Google My Business profile for local search queries?

- Having trouble with your Google My Business profile and looking for expert help?

- Looking for help dealing with negative ratings and reviews on Google?

- Are you looking for experienced support for your company profile in Google My Business?


As a certified Google My Business agency, we are happy to support you with these and other concerns.