Shopify Import Products - Import Items with CSV File

On August 9, 2021 by Christian Waske

Shopify Import Products - Import Items with CSV File

Importing Shopify products can be very efficient, unfortunately Shopify has its quirks here, which is why this guide can help you.

When building an online store with Shopify, you eventually get to the point where you need to add your products to the store.

Especially for large online stores, creating products manually often makes little sense, as the effort would be enormous.

Fortunately, Shopify offers a simple solution for this: the CSV import. Shopify offers a sample CSV file, which can be downloaded from their website.

With it, you can import products into Shopify, which promises to save a lot of time if you have a large number of items.

According to the instructions, the import is quite simple at first:

  • 1.) Download the sample file
  • 2) Filling the CSV file with your own product data.
  • 3.) Upload the CSV to Shopify

Unfortunately, the process is often not as smooth as it seems at first glance, as Shopify often has a problem with the appropriate format when importing the file.

This is because Shopify requires a comma-separated CSV. 

A German Excel exports a comma separated CSV, but unfortunately with a semicolon. Only an American CSV actually exports with a comma. 

Excel professionals can of course easily solve this problem by reformatting in the text editor or by changing the language settings of the computer - however, this is not a workable solution to the problem for the majority of our customers.

Therefore, in this article we would like to introduce you a much easier solution for Shopify CSV import. As Shopify agency we want to offer our customers the best and easiest service. Therefore, we have created a Google Sheet template to import from Shopify, which you can easily fill in your browser and then simply upload to Shopify. This way you can easily import Shopify products.

Shopify Products Import - Import Items with CSV File, Golden Web Age GmbH
Shopify CSV Import

Instead of trying to format the CSV correctly and get it into a format that Shopify will accept, you can simply use our Google Sheets template. Here's how you do it:

  • 1.) You create a copy of our Google Sheet
  • 2) You maintain the products in the Google Sheet
  • 3) You download the file as a comma-separated CSV.
  • 4.) This CSV file is recognized directly by Shopify without any problems.

Shopify products import, fast and easy

We hope you saved a lot of your precious time with our template. If you have any other challenges with your online store, why not arrange a free consultation where we can show you how we can help you with your Shopify store and increase your sales. Whether with SEO for Shopify or landing pages for your Shopify store.

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