Our experts examine your store in detail. You will receive concrete recommendations from us on how to improve the design, usability and how you can generate more sales with your store.

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  • Click prices for ads are becoming more and more expensive
  • Your margins are shrinking because of rising advertising costs
  • Competitors catch up or copy you
  • Many visitors bail out without buying
  • But you do not really know why


Do you recognize yourself?

You are the owner of a successful Shopify store. Your products inspire your customers. You have long since overcome all the start-up hurdles. Now you want to scale your brand. Sky is the limit! You realize, however, that the following challenges are weighing you down every day:



Concrete recommendations for action

You will receive a list with concrete recommendations for action, to optimize your store and increase sales.


Revenue-oriented prioritization

Thanks to our many years of experience, we can perfectly assess which measures will really have an impact on your sales. Our focus is always on the highest return on investment.


Quick wins that can be implemented immediately

Our analysis provides you with measures that you can implement immediately. This means that an investment in the Shopify audit often pays off after the first month.

Here's how we optimize
your Shopify store.

The GWA success formula

  • Visitor data collection & analysis
  • Identifying the biggest conversion killers
  • Optimization plan prioritized according to potential
  • In the A/B test procedure, the optimization goes live
  • The test result proves the increase in sales exactly

There are two ways, which one suits you?

The goal is clear, we want to increase your conversion rate. But depending on your current state, there are two different methods that make sense. Which is the right one for your situation, we will find out together during the store analysis.


500-1.000 orders / month

One-time basic optimization

You benefit from the experience of our A/B tests & receive a complete store optimization for the next leap in sales.



Extensive once optimization


Project duration

4-8 weeks


Main goal of the method

Rapid jump in sales


1.000+ orders / month

Optimization through A/B tests

Due to your high visitor numbers, individual changes can be tested directly. Your sales rate & your turnover increase steadily.



Continuous optimization through A/B tests


Project duration

Long term cooperation


Main goal of the method

Main objective of the method Market leadership & profit maximization

Secure free store analysis

Customer results
after a few weeks


This A/B test resulted in a 17% increase in overall conversion rate and a 23% increase in page value.



With many years of experience in optimizing Shopify stores, we were able to achieve a 26.1% increase in the AddtoCard ratio and a 4.2% improvement in the overall conversion rate in the very first test. This also increased the page value by 28.2%.


Soul Spice

Thanks to targeted optimization measures at the store, we were able to increase sales by 43% in just the first four weeks.

The workflow

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You submit a request for a free store analysis using the form on our website.

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Preliminary talk

One of our employees will talk to you on the phone to prepare the analysis of your store.

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Store analysis

We take a close look at your store together and work out a solution for your situation.

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Afterwards you can decide whether you want to implement the solution yourself or together with us.

Secure free store analysis

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Questions & Answers

When will Google shut down Universal Analytics?

Google has announced that Universal Analytics will stop collecting new data on July 1, 2023. A few months after that date, you'll still be able to access your old Universal Analytics data, but no new data will be collected. A few months after that, Google will stop providing access to Universal Analytics altogether.

How long do I have for the changeover?

You have about 15 months from now to make the switch. However, this does NOT mean that you can wait 15 months to switch to GA4. Rather, it means that you need to start preparing TODAY.

A good analysis implementation can take several months of planning, preparation and implementation.
If you want to have data for a full year period available in GA4 next year, then your conversion needs to start NOW, because you only have about 3 months left. Otherwise you will not have complete data available in GA4.

When should I start the conversion?

That means you have a little over 3 months to prepare your entire GA4 setup if you want to have an entire year's worth of data available in reports in GA4!

How will the transition to Google Analytics 4 work?

There will be no smooth transition with old tracking code, as was the case with Classic Analytics to Universal Analytics.

Old tracking codes need to be adjusted in your website's source code so that they can continue to function and collect data. The transition to GA4 requires a complete rethink of your tracking strategy and setup.

What is the big difference between Universal Analytics and Google Analytics 4 (GA4)?

The data model itself is completely different! Instead of a session-based data model like Universal Analytics, GA4 is based on events and parameters. Everything in GA4 is an event, even a page view is an event.

Is Google Analytics 4 really better?

GA4 is actually a much better and more future-proof tool than Universal Analytics, based on modern technology (and not 15+ years old) and based on a well thought-out, logical and structured data schema.

Who can help me with a migration from Universal Analytics to Google Analytics 4 if I don't want to or can't do this conversion myself?

If you are not able to do the migration yourself, you can use a Google Analytics 4 agency for help. As an experienced agency from Munich, we at Golden Web Age are happy to assist you as a partner. In a free initial meeting we can discuss your tracking requirements and the effort of a migration.

How can I recognize a good Google Analytics agency?

A Google Analytics agency should have many years of experience in tracking. Ideally, this can be proven by certificates (e.g. Google certificates), trainings or customer projects.We at Golden Web Age have over 10 years of experience in this field. We have several certifications directly from Google, especially for Google Analytics. In addition, we can also prove dozens of customer projects for which we have already successfully implemented complex tracking systems.

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