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Your web analytics agency: Golden Web Age

As an agency from Munich specializing in web analysis, we place explicit value on data-based procedures in all of our agency's measures. We believe that without such a solid quantitative database no decisions about product, online marketing channels or website should be made today. Therefore, part of our offer is a comprehensive web analytics and business intelligence package.

Our consultants and analysts help you to organize your company in a digital and data-driven way. We focus on the transfer of knowledge about the different metrics as well as the available web analytics tools. Furthermore, we are available as a competent consultant as well as a source of supply for evaluations of access figures, conversions, usability and funnel key figures. In order to make all data analyzable at all, we are also happy to help you with the concept of your web analysis measures for your responsive website.

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Web analytics with Google Analytics and Matomo

Google Analytics is one of the most powerful tools today, showing you exactly how your website visitors behave. And the best thing for you: Google also offers the majority of its services free of charge. Even complex setups such as multi-domains, own development and test environments, different countries, stores and ecommerce websites can be evaluated - the problem here is much more the how than the if at all.

Matomo is an open source-based solution for your individual web analytics - we often use it as an alternative to Google Analytics. The user interface is also very clear, which makes it possible to work quickly and in a structured manner with the software and to query various parameters.

We develop our recommendations for action based on the data obtained through Matomo, tailored to the customer's exact fit and time.
A big advantage of Matomo is that the data is on your own server - for data protection reasons alone. Likewise, you can raise your analytics to an even higher level at any time.

Analytics Audits & Optimization

The essential basis for analyzing your website and all marketing activities is reliable data. The correct collection of all data can only be achieved by an error-free setup of your Google Analytics account.
Through our experience in web analytics, we know which errors will falsify your data and help you ensure the validity of your data so that you can draw the right conclusions.


Structuring your Google Analytics account properly is necessary to keep track of all your data.


The key figures must always be considered in the right context - we know which targets are important and how they must be viewed.


We set up your Google Analytics account in a DSGVO-compliant manner and help you extend your privacy policy.


We create helpful reports that facilitate the work of your employees or managers (as PDF or Excel file).

Would you like to better measure the user behavior of your customers?

Analytics Tracking Concept & Strategy

Every website is different and therefore there are always different requirements in the area of web analytics. Therefore, simply setting up your web analytics account is not enough.

We at Golden Web Age are at your side as your competent partner and develop a tracking concept that is individualized to your website and your requirements. In this concept, both the relevant key figures as well as the concrete timeframe for implementation will be defined - the implementation will then be carried out either by us with the Google Tag Manager or by your own IT, which we will provide with the corresponding specifications.


Track more than just the standard values that everyone has.


How do your users behave on the website.


Analysis of your entire online store as well as users' purchase funnel.

Analytics implementation with Google Tag Manager

We implement the entire tracking code via the free Google Tag Manager. This is less effort and above all more time-saving than integrating it directly into the respective source code of your website. In addition, changes to the tracking can be made directly by us - and tested again on a separate development environment. Thus, lengthy coordination with the IT department after the integration of the Google Tag Manager is almost no longer necessary.


In a few hours you can make the changes to your web analytics.


If there are any errors in the tracking, they are noticed more quickly and can be corrected immediately.


Most changes to your tracking are also possible without time-consuming processes in the IT department.

Analytics Workshops & Trainings

We are happy to pass on our accumulated knowledge to you and your colleagues. Our Google Analytics and Google Datastudio workshops are individually tailored to you, your team and your website. These workshops can either take place on your premises, at our agency in Munich or online via webinar.

Is one training session not enough for you? It is also possible for us to hold regular training sessions over a longer period of time. In addition, we also offer you support with a permanent contact person.

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