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Where online success starts: Goal-oriented website development according to the needs of the target group starts right now.

Only with a contemporary web design at the highest level can customers be inspired today. We implement the latest findings from UX/UI and incorporate the personal characteristics of the customers. This is the only way to create unique websites that stand out from the crowd.

As a web design agency near Munich, we are ready to create a website for each client that completely reflects the brand and captivates visitors. Always with conversion in mind, but the people in focus.



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Imagine a website that reflects your company 1:1 in design and function: Your ideas meet our experience and combine to create the maximum success story. With all details directly in mind, we draw on current standards when creating websites and raise landing pages to the next level through search engine optimization. From complex portals to online stores: We offer web design solutions that meet the highest standards, now and in the future.

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With enormous demands on the quality of all projects, the exact technologies are used that solve the various challenges of the companies in an all-encompassing way. Instead of using uniform standards, you work with specialized web design expertswho go the extra mile for customer satisfaction.
Wordpress, Shopify, and headless CMS systems like Strapi are the foundation of your success and our work.
Get there faster: our team's experience and know-how enable high productivity and fast results.

Wordpress, Shopify, Headless CMS

Neutral bodies permanently certify the quality of our work. But the customer results also speak for themselves: there is no room for stagnation in our agency. Constantly on the lookout for the next advance in knowledge, we continue to educate ourselves and maintain the expert status of every employee who holds your project in their hands. We assure to be the right contact for competence.

With digital fitness to success! We develop, create and realize digital projects for people who want to be touched. From CMS to usability analyses - we make you ready for the future. Responsive web design gives your website an irresistible look and simply looks terrific. State-of-the-art technical solutions tailored to your individual needs - sounds good? It is!

The more complex the now, the simpler we think things through. We create added value, we research coherent content and we connect worlds. For demanding companies we grow literary wings, which we adorn with the most colorful marketing feathers. This is how we conquer free spaces and design ideas on the drawing board with texts, images and graphics.

As a good web design agency, we are aware that design is the most important marketing tool. Professionally designed websites put each of our new customers in the best light. With optimal UI & UX designs, all user-optimized internet presences can be perfectly coordinated from layout to content. Expressive color schemes, harmonious typographies, uniform type area as well as effective user guidance are the essential factors for the best design.

Fresh ideas in the form of web designs in WordPress allow later easy maintenance in the continuation of your site. The implementation of the created layouts always takes place in consideration of the strategy defined in advance. Rethink web design WordPress - as a web agency, we meet every challenge.

Good web design as the cornerstone for online marketing
The first impression counts! - The website is the digital business card of a company and the mirror of your digital marketing strategy. The design is as relevant as the content. Statistically, a website visitor decides after less than a second whether to stay on the page or leave it. The design decides: Order or new customer acquisition. As with a good dinner, the eye also eats here. We make sure that the visitor becomes curious!

Also optimal on mobile devices
Over 70% of all website views occur via smartphone and tablet. The user experience of a website on a mobile device differs from the experience on a PC. Therefore, smartphone and co. must be taken into account in the design and programming. We focus on creating fast as well as search engine and mobile optimized websites in WordPress or in pure HTML/CSS.

If our heads are smoking, it's a good sign. At the end of each project, it may not be "habemus papam" for us, but for you it means that you will be handed your perfect virtual corporate presence by us.

On request, we as a web design agency in Munich gladly continue to support each of our designed projects. Completely according to the respective individual needs of our customers.

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Full Service

As a full-service agency, we do not leave you alone after carrying out our analysis. Afterwards, we also accompany you during the implementation of the optimization measures: Creation of new advertising texts, graphics or marketing? No problem for us!

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Through many years of experience, we were able to develop a rigorous concept with measures that actually make a difference. Through full-fledged tracking of user behavior and numerous A/B tests, we have been able to increase the conversion rate enormously with every redesign so far.

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Fair prices

UI / UX web design does not have to be expensive! After a free initial consultation you will receive an individual offer from us according to your needs.

Golden Web Age GmbH
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82178 Puchheim near Munich

E-mail: hallo@goldenwebage.de

Tel.:+49 (0) 89/995 290 96

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Web design FAQ

What is web design and why is it important?

Web design involves the design and appearance of websites. It is important for the following reasons:


- Aesthetics: Appealing design attracts visitors and boosts their confidence.

- User experience: Well-designed websites improve navigation and help users find what they need.

- Brand identity: The design reflects the brand and strengthens its image.

- Targeting: Design can convey the desired mood and message and appeal to the target audience.

- Search Engine Optimization (SEO): A good design takes into account SEO principles and improves visibility in search engines.


Successful web design creates a positive user experience, strengthens brand identity, engages the target audience and improves visibility. It is critical to the success of a website and requires careful planning and implementation.

What all belongs to web design?

Web design includes various aspects that should be considered when designing a website. Here are some of the most important elements of web design:


- Layout: Layout refers to the structure and arrangement of content on a web page.

- Colors: Color selection plays an important role in web design.

- Fonts: The choice of fonts affects the readability and appearance of the text on a website.

- Images and graphics: Images and graphics play an important role in web design to create visual interest and convey information.

- Navigation: Clear and user-friendly navigation allows visitors to find their way around the website.

- Responsive Design: Given the variety of devices on which websites are viewed, it is important to use a responsive design.

- Usability: A good web design considers usability and makes sure that the website is easy to understand and use.

- Search Engine Optimization (SEO): The web design should also take into account the basics of search engine optimization to improve the visibility of the website in search engines.


This list includes some of the most important elements of web design, but there are many more factors that should be considered when designing a successful website.

What is SEO web design?

SEO web design refers to the design and development of a website with search engine optimization (SEO) in mind. The goal is to improve the visibility of a website in search engine results and thus drive more organic traffic to the website.

SEO web design takes into account various aspects to ensure that the website is search engine friendly.

What is a web design agency?

A web design agency is a company or agency that specializes in designing and developing websites for clients. Web design agencies provide professional services to create customized websites that meet the needs and requirements of clients.

A web design agency usually employs a team of professionals with various skills, including web designers, web developers, graphic designers, UX/UI designers, and possibly SEO specialists. This team works together to conceptualize, design, and develop websites that are both aesthetically pleasing and functional.

What does a web design agency do?

A web design agency offers a wide range of services related to the design and development of websites. In general, the range of services provided by a web design agency includes the following tasks:


- Consulting and conception

- Web design

- Web development

- Responsive design

- User experience (UX) and user interface (UI)

- Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

- Content management

- Maintenance and support


A web design agency works closely with their clients to understand their unique requirements and develop customized solutions. They have the expertise and experience to provide clients with a professional and responsive website that meets current design standards

What makes a good web design agency?

A good web design agency is characterized by certain features and qualities. Here are some important aspects that characterize a good web design agency:


- Experience and expertise: A good web design agency has an experienced team of professionals with in-depth knowledge and expertise in web design and web development.

- Creativity and aesthetic sense: A good web design agency is characterized by its creativity and aesthetic sense.

- Focus on user experience: A good web design agency places great emphasis on a positive user experience (UX).

- Responsive Design: Given the variety of devices on which websites are viewed, it is important that a good web design agency applies responsive design.

- Technical expertise: A good web design agency has extensive technical expertise.

- Consulting and strategic planning: They understand the client's goals, analyze the target audience and develop a customized web strategy that meets the needs and requirements.

- Search Engine Optimization (SEO): A good web design agency has knowledge in the field of search engine optimization (SEO) and takes this into account when developing the website.

- Customer service and support: A good web design agency provides excellent customer service and continuous support.

- References and reviews: A good web design agency has positive references and reviews from satisfied customers.


A good web design agency is able to understand the client's needs, develop creative solutions, and deliver a high-quality website that is both aesthetically

What is modern web design?

Modern web design refers to current design principles, trends and techniques used in web development. It is about creating websites that are contemporary, aesthetically pleasing, user-friendly and technically up-to-date.

Can Golden Web Age also provide web design support outside of Munich?

We are happy to provide support throughout Germany. As a web design agency in the digital age, we have been able to assist clients all over the country.