More SEO traffic with the Google Short Click Box

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Christian Waske, February 2, 2019

More SEO traffic with the Google Short Click Box

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Search engine optimization (SEO) is the core business of many online marketing agencies. However, it is not enough to deal with the "latest SEO hacks 2018/19/20..." at the beginning of a year. Instead, it's about always being in the know about innovations and being able to apply them. As an online marketing agency, we at Golden Web Age are dedicated to always bringing the latest trends to our clients. For each online marketing strategy, we consider individually which methods to use and which to defer. 

However, we cannot withhold one of Google's technical innovations from you. It could be a game changer for some websites, because it makes it possible to steal traffic from competitors. This may sound crude at first, but in the end, that's what it's all about: you want to be better than the competition. Let's take a look at the latest SEO hack: the Google Short Box.

What is the Google Short Box?

Let's assume you are searching Google for a gift for your partner, but you just don't know what to give him/her. Accordingly, you google "gift for woman*man" and get a list of websites that could provide the appropriate result. If you now click on the first entry, you will be taken to the linked website. If you do not find the result you are looking for there, use the browser's "Back" button and end up back on the Google results page (SERPs). 

What is displayed now is the following short-click box: 

More SEO traffic with the Google Short Click Box, Golden Web Age GmbH

So the point is that you are now shown terms that are related but do not lead to identical results. 

What does this mean for your online marketing?

Regarding Google ranking, it is important to know that it is not static, but dynamic. Various factors lead to websites ranking high in the results lists. One important point is the length of time visitors spend on a website. For example, if 5000 people per month search for "gift for woman", click on the first entry and immediately return, this will soon lose its pole position. This is because the page content is not relevant enough. 

Instead, pages are more likely to be displayed that present results that site visitors will engage with for longer. - And you could soon be one of them. 

The short-click box contains search terms that have a lower density on competitor website and are therefore more exclusive. This also means that you could target your website content specifically to these terms to be found sustainably. 

We'll play this out with an example:

More SEO traffic with the Google Short Click Box, Golden Web Age GmbH

You are (for example) an insurance broker from Munich. To rank outstandingly, first research all relevant keywords, including the top keyword "insurance broker Munich". Click on the first entry, click "Back" immediately after the page loads and view the Google Short Click Box.

In this you can see all similar or related keywords that are much more specific than your search query. You can now use these in your content production to rank specifically for these keywords in the Google results lists. 

Does this approach help me in my online marketing?

Yes - If someone searches for "insurance broker Munich", they (very likely) have something specific in mind. Either it's about a specific insurance, a price comparison or something else entirely. But there is probably a concrete concern. The more often the keyword "Versicheurngsmakler München" is used in combination with a keyword from the Short Click Box within your content, the more you will move to the front in other search queries. 

Google rates websites across the board for relevance. If you are relevant for specific keywords, you might be for less specific ones. The advantage of the method is not only that you increase your traffic per se. Furthermore, visitors will also click on your website who are interested in a very specific subject area that offers a keyword from the Short Click Box. 

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Christian Waske

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Christian is Managing Director of Golden Web Age GmbH and an expert in search engine optimization. With his knowledge, he has already been able to place many well-known companies on page 1 of Google.

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