17 business intelligence tools that will give your company a big advantage

Matthias Suttner

Matthias Suttner, May 5, 2021

17 business intelligence tools that will give your company a big advantage

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Want to make intelligent, informed business decisions? Use business intelligence (BI) tools. The best BI tools can help you identify trends and derive insights from the data you collect. They can compress large amounts of data and present it in a way that helps you develop strategies and make decisions.

Many startups and small businesses think BI tools are only for big players. But that's a misconception. They come in all shapes and sizes. To help you out, I've listed 17 of the best BI tools you should check out:

The best BI tools you should look at

The BI tools listed here differ in terms of features, ease of use, pricing, integration capabilities and more. I've tried to describe all the important details of each tool so you can make an informed decision.

Best BI Tool #1: Funnel.io

With Funnel.io you can analyze where your advertising dollars are spent and how much return they bring. All data is securely hosted in the cloud. So even if you run your business from different locations, you can easily access your data.

The best part is that you don't need any programming skills or technical knowledge to use this software. This BI tool will collect the necessary metrics and generate KPIs or reports directly for you. The plans start at $499 per month and go over $999 per month.

Best BI Tool #2: Best of BI

Best of BI offers a stack of productivity tools that you can use to simplify your business. From data migration to performance measurement to BI reporting, they have a solution for everything.

They are designed from the ground up to be intuitive. All of their productivity tools cost $99 per month.

Best BI Tool #3: Insight

Insight promises to help you tackle your next big IT challenge. Its cutting-edge technology solutions help you with digital innovation, data center transformation, supply chain optimization, and more.

To find out their individual pricing, contact their sales team.

Best BI Tool #4: AtScale

This BI tool promises speed, security and scale for your big data assets. In the cloud or on your premises, with Hadoop or without Hadoop, AtScale works with everything.

In addition, the data warehouse virtualization platform for AtScale enables seamless cloud transformation, virtual data engineering and more. To find out the pricing for this BI tool, you can fill out their "Request Pricing" form.

Best BI Tool #5: SAP Business Intelligence

SAP Business Intelligence has advanced capabilities such as machine learning, real-time BI predictive analytics, and more. The SAP BI platform also offers data visualization, reporting and analytics, mobile analytics, and office integration.

They offer free trials for the latest versions of their CRM, analytics, data management and other tools.

Best BI Tool #6: Birst

This BI tool can connect the entire enterprise through an internal network of virtualized BI instances. It promises the agility, speed and self-service that employees need to work efficiently. At the same time, it provides options for security, scale and control to meet the needs of the business.

Best BI Tool #7: EazyBI

As the name suggests, EazyBI aims to make BI tools easy to use, even for the inexperienced. It has a simple drag-and-drop interface, interactive charts, personalized reports and more. It also allows you to import your data from applications such as Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, MySQL and FreshBooks.

Best BI Tool #8: Jaspersoft

Jaspersoft's USP is that developers can visualize their data however they want, down to every pixel. In addition, Jaspersoft also provides reporting and analytics for your business. With this BI tool, you can also natively connect Cassandra analytics, Hadoop analytics, and more, or do data visualization.

For interactive analysis, casual users can simply change a few filters to view a different data sample from a report. Combining different reports can help advanced users or data analysts get an overview of overall business performance.

Best BI Tool #9: IBM Cognos Analytics

Cognos Analytics, an IBM product, is a cloud-based analytics and business intelligence solution. This BI tool makes it easy for companies to share insights, visualize and analyze data. You can also import data from CSV files, spreadsheets, and on-premise databases.

Best BI Tool #10: Qlik

This BI tool wants to make sure you make business decisions using only analytics. From building custom apps to managing and analyzing your data, Qlik has a solution for all your needs.

Your data integration platform has a DataOps approach. It can accelerate the availability of real-time data ready for analytics.

Best BI Tool #11: Sisense

Sisense aims to empower data engineers, business analysts and also developers. With this data and analytics BI tool, you can future-proof your business. It allows you to build analytics apps in any cloud or even on-premises. From interactive whiteboards to white label BI apps, you can do it all with Sisense.

Sisense has a competitive advantage because it can collect data from multiple sources, including Google Analytics, AdWords, SalesForce and more.

Best BI Tool #12: Zebra BI

This BI tool is for anyone who wants to create better reports, dashboards and presentations. Without any programming, training or formulas, you can create meaningful and actionable reports in Excel or Power Bi or both.

For 30 days you can get a free trial of this BI tool. With Zebra BI, you can create amazing reports in Power BI for $7 per month per user. To use Excel, you need to pay $19.90 per month per user.

Best BI Tool #13: DB Best Technologies

DB Best Technologies helps you identify trends, build data models, and can help you make real-time decisions. They are partners with Microsoft, Google Cloud Platform and Amazon Web Services.

This BI tool understands your unique data environment and designs a BIAA framework based on it. DB Best Technologies' state-of-the-art solutions include predictive analytics, natural interactions, and machine learning.

Best BI Tool #14: Exago Inc.

Exago Inc believes that businesses should be future-ready. To do so, it is essential to provide flexible, powerful, self-service ad hoc reporting and analytics. Exago Inc is designed to do just that.

For a seamless experience, they offer fully configurable CSS, an open API, programmatic extension points, and single sign-on authorization.

Best BI Tool #15: GoodData

Good Data champions the power of data-driven decision making. Notable features of this BI tool include easy management via the cloud, real-time insights, and embedded analytics.

The best part is that there are solutions for specific industries such as finance, retail, and insurance.

Best BI Tool #16: YellowfinBI

Yellowfin BI is an asset if you want to discover and share insights based on your data. Yellowfin Signals alerts you to changes. Yellowfin Stories also lets you get context and a narrative for your data.

In addition, with Yellowfin BI:

  • Create AI-powered dashboards
  • Analyze your data and discover new insights
  • Write data stories
  • Prepare your data for analysis

Best BI Tool #17: SAS

SAS is a BI tool that lets you explore your data, discover patterns in it, create rich visualizations, and share insights. SAS provides automated analytics powered by machine learning.

Not only that, it also provides explanations in natural language, so you don't have to struggle to understand what's really important. The interactive visualizations also come with simple explanations.

You can also get a free trial version of SAS. For pricing details, you can contact the sales team.


BI tools can help businesses gain insights into customer behavior, sales trends, as well as overall growth. I hope the above BI tools will help you find the perfect solution for your business.

Remember, the more advanced a solution is, the more data sources it can combine.

Matthias Suttner

Matthias Suttner

Matthias is our BI & Tracking specialist. With his experience, he has been able to identify correlations in data many times and increase sales of various companies enormously.

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