Google Analytics 4: Google's solution for a future of Analytics without cookies and with AI

Matthias Suttner

Matthias Suttner, October 18, 2020

Google Analytics 4: Google's solution for a future of Analytics without cookies and with AI

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Google has released a new version for its globally popular analytics tool with Google Analytics 4 released. The use of artificial intelligence is intended to compensate for the lack of cookies as well as other identifiers and thus provide a privacy-friendly solution. In addition, cross-device tracking for websites and apps is now included.

Some interesting new features of Google Analytics 4 are:

1.) Analytics in a future without cookies.

Data minimization will become the norm in the future, which is why cookies from third-party providers are already being phased out. With the help of artificial intelligence and algorithms, Google is trying to close the data gap.

2) Detailed control of user data .

Google Analytics 4 includes options to help comply with data regulations such as GDPR and CCPA.

3.) Codeless Event Tracking.

Without additional code in Google Tag Manager, events like forms and page scrolls can be set up.

4) Reporting along the customer journey .

A very noticeable difference between Analytics 4 and Universal Analytics is the organization of reports in the web interface.

5.) Advanced integration with Google Ads .

The connection to Google Ads is added to better build target audiences.

6.) New AI-powered insights and predictions .

Google Aanlytics 4's new insights and predictions can automatically alert you to data trends, such as changes in device structure or increasing demand for products.

Why we are excited about Google Analytics 4?

The new enhancements to Google Analytics 4 provide a complete view of the customer journey across all channels, enabling more efficient marketing and data analysis. Based on these insights, better ROAS for marketing are possible.

Google Analytics 4 will be the future setup standard of new properties in Google Analytics. The previous solution (Universal Analytics) will continue to be available. However, Google recommends the parallel setup and use of both solutions. However, Google will focus the development of new features on Analytics 4.

In the next post, we will go into more detail about the setup and other interesting possibilities as well as insights of Google Analytics 4.

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Matthias Suttner

Matthias Suttner

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