What Google certification means for our customers?

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Christian Waske, February 16, 2021

What Google certification means for our customers?

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Golden Web Age is Google certified - several times over. But what does that mean for you exactly?

There are now dozens of agencies on the market that offer their customers digital services. It is often difficult for customers to find out which providers are reputable and which are not. In order to simplify this selection process and make it more transparent, Google's Skillshop provides a way for agencies to undergo regular training and to ensure their quality by means of certified tests. At the same time, this simplifies the selection process of a reputable agency for customers, since they can be sure that the agency has real digital skills in online marketing.

Golden Web Age, as a professional web agency, attaches great importance to the fact that our employees are always informed about the latest web technologies and trends. Therefore, all of our employees undergo regular training and continue their education. To ensure our quality with regard to Google, we also regularly attend training courses directly at Google. This also includes the examinations in the Skillshop.

Golden Web Age is not only single, but triple certified!

We as an agency are certified by Google in several categories:

Through these certificates Google confirms our quality in the individual services.

You can find more information directly at Google:


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Christian Waske

Managing Director & CRO expert

Christian is Managing Director of Golden Web Age GmbH and an expert in search engine optimization. With his knowledge, he has already been able to place many well-known companies on page 1 of Google.

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