High-performance WordPress hosting: Why we rely on Raidboxes? 

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Christian Waske, October 24, 2022

High-performance WordPress hosting: Why we rely on Raidboxes? 

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There are numerous hosting providers in Germany. For this reason, it is not so easy for the customer to get a good overview. As a web agency, we deal with numerous web hosting providers almost daily through our customers and know their advantages and disadvantages. Today we would like to introduce you to the German web hosting provider Raidboxes from Münster, which we also use for our websites. Why we host our websites with Raidboxes and what advantages a good web hosting also offers for marketing, you will learn in this article.

Why do we host our website and customer websites at Raidboxes?

There are essentially five points that have convinced us so far to host our websites at Raidboxes:

#1 Lightning fast hoster

Compared to other hosters, an average WordPress site runs up to four times faster than other hosting providers. The speed is already crucial, as the user experience, conversion and also Google ranking depend on the loading speed.

#2 Reliability

In addition to the fast loading of the websites, of course, you also want the website to be as stable as possible and to be able to load permanently 365 days at a time. The risk of a server failure is particularly high if the website has a lot of visitors per day. However, Raidboxes is one of the providers where there have been no significant website failures outside of technical maintenance.

#3 Security and privacy

If, for example, a company operates an online store, sensitive personal data such as telephone number, email address, etc. is stored with every purchase. Here, customers want the data to be handled seriously and the new GDPR standards to be adhered to. German web hosters in particular are generally ahead in this respect, simply because high standards are set here. For example, all websites in Germany are operated in accordance with the latest security requirements of ISO 27001 certification.

#4 Personal and fast support

Every entrepreneur who has ever built a WordPress site on a new server himself is aware that questions can arise again and again. For example, if the contact form on the website no longer works, potential customers can no longer contact the company. Here it is clear that the longer the contact form does not work, the more potential customer inquiries are lost. Often, the competent employees of Raidboxes answer via live chat in a few seconds, even on Sundays and holidays. In this way, you can respond quickly and overcome the challenge.

#5 Climate-friendly company

In general, it is worth supporting that every company makes its personal contribution to the fight against climate change. Trees bind carbon dioxide and convert it into vital oxygen that we need to breathe. However, the number of trees is decreasing due to increasing deforestation, so it is very important to plant new trees. If you host your website with Raidbox, a new tree is planted with each website. Likewise, the energy used to run Raidboxes' corporate offices comes 100% from hydroelectric power and therefore renewable energy.

What services and advantages does Raidboxes offer (compared to other hosters)?

Fast and secure, high-performance WordPress hosting is offered by a number of providers on the market, but there are a few services that are truly unique.

Free moving service

Many companies would like to switch their website to another web hosting provider because of better conditions. However, the move usually incurs follow-up costs until the company or website runs smoothly again on the new server. Here Raidboxes offers a free relocation service. For this purpose, a copy of the website on the old server is made within two working days and placed on a temporary domain for 14 days. This way you can check if the website works at Raidboxes and really runs faster. If the website then runs according to your wishes, you can activate it for a fee and move it for good. Thus, you do not take any risk. What is unique is that Raidboxes offers this free relocation service and makes sure that your website runs smoothly on the new server.

Specialized in WordPress

Also really new is that Raidboxes exclusively hosts WordPress websites and specializes in them. This is also noticeable in the operation of the dashboard, which is directly optimized to the needs of WordPress users. With which other hoster can you update the plugins directly in the hosting software and even set an automatic update by Raidboxes? Especially well done is also that in the future you no longer need WordPress caching plugins, because the caching is taken over by Raidboxes. 

Staging and live website

Who does not know it, you want to use a new WordPress plugin or a new individually programmed feature, suddenly there is impairment in the functionality of the website and you have to import a backup and sometimes you lose important customers. This can not happen to you with Raidboxes, because it is possible to create a copy of the websites in the so-called staging and change it. This way you can see exactly if the change is going as desired. Only when you have tested the new feature or plugin extensively, you simply put the staging website live and overwrite the previous website with it. 

Mobile use of the hosting software

In general, it's best to be able to control your business with just a few clicks on your smartphone. The design software is usable in landscape mode on the cell phone, which also facilitates communication with a web designer or online marketing company on the go.

One server per website

With other inexpensive providers, several domains are usually hosted via one server. This saves costs, but also leads to a decrease in loading speed. In addition to the decrease in performance, there are also problems with security. If one website on the server is hacked, it can affect the other websites on the server. This is the reason why especially entrepreneurs with websites with many visitors and high security requirements switch to Raidboxes. 

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Why is website loading speed so important?

The loading time of your website is a crucial key to the success of your business on the web, as we would like to show you with the following points:

More and more people surf the Internet via mobile devices

In 2021, the share of mobile Internet users was 82%, 23% more than five years ago.which is 23 % more than five years ago. Surfing on smartphones is particularly popular among the advertising-relevant target group of 14- to 25-year-olds, so that almost 96 % of people in this age group use the Internet exclusively on tablets or smartphones. However, to date, no cell phone has as much computing power as a PC, so websites must load faster and use fewer resources. Likewise, the web design and menu navigation must be adapted to mobile use and be clear. The rule here is: "The faster a website loads, the better the user experience!" Thus, it is important to have a good web hosting provider that enables fast loading of the website.

Fast loading time has an impact on search engine optimization

For quite some time now, website loading speed has been one of the most important ranking factors of a website in search engines. The importance has even increased due to the high use of mobile devices. Google, for example, introduced the so-called Core Update since 2018, in which various factors, the so-called Core Web Vitals, are measured. However, these Core Web Vitals are in detail nothing more than performance meters of the websites, which are predominantly influenced by the web hosting. All websites that load just slowly will not look good in Core Updates and will lose ranking and visitors from search engines in the long run.

High page load speed ensures longer visit duration

Only 2% of visitors buy from a website on the first visit. If you measure your traffic numbers using analytics software, you know very well that high page speed is associated with a higher number of visitors and longer visit duration. With the increase of returning visitors, the number of contacts of the potential customer to your company also increases. Statistics show that the more customers have been in contact with your company, the more likely they are to buy from it. Thus, the speed of your website is also directly related to your sales figures and therefore cannot be neglected.

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Why does it cost me real money to host my site or store with a low-cost provider?

Well we've already talked about the importance of load time, but what does it mean specifically to host your website with a low-cost provider?

100 ms longer loading time costs 1% turnover

The largest web store in the world, Amazon, has measured that an increase in the loading time of the website of just 100 ms can result in a loss of about 1% in sales. So, let's assume that you have a turnover of 100,000 euros per year with your online store, then only a slight deterioration in the loading time of one second of the website would lead to a loss of turnover of 10,000 euros per year. Raidboxes has measured the loading speeds of various websites before and after the move to Raidboxes and there was an increase in loading speed for almost all providers. Thus, moving to a better web host usually means more revenue for your business.

Less downtime

Unfortunately, the cheaper a hosting provider is, the more likely your website will experience downtime. On the website WebhosterWissen.de the downtimes of different providers were compared with each other. Here, unfortunately, you can also clearly see that especially very inexpensive providers have more downtime on average than more expensive web hosting providers. A downtime becomes more likely the more visitors visit the website and the more complex the website is. For this reason, larger companies in particular must be advised to switch to a more expensive provider that can handle a lot of traffic on the website.

Less maintenance and backup

The lower the hosting price, the less often the website is usually maintained and updated. At Raidboxes a backup is made every 24 hours and a comprehensive backup of all data is made every 14 days. With cheaper providers you can be happy if every 14 days some backup of the website data takes place. If a hacker attack occurs or data is lost during an update, it is difficult to retrieve the data from low-cost providers.

Hundreds of customers on one server

It is clear that a server costs money for every hosting company. If you add up the costs for the necessary hardware such as hard drives, CPU power, etc., you quickly come to 5000 euros per server. In addition, there are costs for electricity, which has not become cheaper in this day and age as a result of the energy crisis. Likewise, costs for cooling the servers by air conditioning must be included. Each larger server is located in a data center, which also wants to have a rent. Finally, there are costs for data transfer, which are also paid to the data center. Thus one must count altogether with 50 to 200 euro server costs per month. These are then put on the customers at cheap hosting providers and quickly you have a few hundred customers on a server. The result is poor loading times, support and server overloads.


A good hosting provider will make sure that your website works flawlessly with good loading times 365 days a year. As a web agency, we understand that loading speed is directly related to our sales and our clients' sales. For this reason we host our websites and those of our clients at Raidboxesone of the best providers in Germany. If you also want to take your business to the next level in terms of hosting and revenue, just contact us. contact with us. We are also happy to help you with domain transfer to a new hoster that perfectly suits your business, or with your website relaunch.

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