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miBaby GmbH

Miomente is a voucher provider for culinary events in Germany, including cooking courses and whiskey tastings. We at Golden Web Age were commissioned with the conception and IT support of a comprehensive tracking concept for the entire Miomente website. We integrated the complete Enhanced E-Commerce-Tracking. In addition, we added meaningful tracking events, which allow for full web tracking of the website, the entire purchase and payment funnel as well as future optimization of marketing activities.

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miBaby GmbH


In line with Miomente's own voucher concept, we have designed Enhanced E-Commerce Tracking for all necessary and functional events. This is an adaptation of the Google Analytics setup that is perfectly suited in the normal e-commerce environment. The goal: All Miomente employees should have the necessary web and user numbers at their disposal and receive a data-based answer to their existing questions. Through the funnel structure, a visual analysis of abandonments and website problems of Miomente users is also quickly visible. The extended implementation of the tracking concept also enables the analysis of other important tracking events through which a user interacts with the website. Another positive side effect due to the extensive concept, is the extensive possibility of A/B tests and the implementation of user-relevant features with a statistical validity.

miBaby GmbH
miBaby GmbH
miBaby GmbH


We at Golden Web Age expanded the complete concept with detailed and extensive tracking snippets, which is why IT was provided with a simple and self-explanatory basis for the implementation. This made it possible to significantly reduce the effort of the technical integration and to explain the procedure in detail with concrete snippets in case of queries. We rely on a harmonious and goal-oriented relationship between IT, project managers and the business itself.

Grünbeck water treatment GmbH
Web design, user experience, web development
  • HTML / CSS
  • JS

Development of various features for the Grünbeck website. Among other things, a funnel for finding the right product and an interactive map of Germany for an overview of Grünbeck's branches.

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Moments GmbH
CRO consulting, web design / programming, tracking
  • Magento
  • HTML / CSS
  • JS
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Tag Manager

Concept and implementation of a full-fledged eCommerce tracking with Googel Analytics and Google Tag Manager. Consulting regarding conversion optimization and programming of the new product page.

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