7 Shopify tips to sell more

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Christian Waske, May 7, 2022

7 Shopify tips to sell more

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More than 1.75 million merchants currently use Shopify as their store for online sales. To stay ahead of the growing competition on Shopify, know these 7 Shopify tips to sell more in ecommerce.

Shopify Tip 1: Follow the KISS principle

KISS stands for "Keep it Simple Stupid". Keep your website as streamlined and simple as possible. Just because there are many features you could add to your Shopify store doesn't mean you should. It should be as easy as possible for your website visitors to buy your products. Don't distract them with superfluous information or annoy them with a website that loads slowly because it's packed with unnecessary features. As a specialized Shopify agency, we are constantly confronted with stores that use dozens of apps that slow down the loading time a lot and are often not needed.
At this point, it is quite clear: Less is more!

Shopify tip 2: Stand out from the competition with authentic storytelling

Your online store should be consistent with your brand's message and overall image on all channels. This includes your store, your ads, emails & newsletters sent, content published on social media, and marketing campaigns on all other channels through which you connect with your audience. Tell your brand's story to build a personal relationship with your customers. Show them that you have personality and positively stand out from the competition. What makes your brand and product unique? You want to come across as personable and authentic.

Shopify Tip 3: Tracking, tracking, tracking - Measure everything!

Especially as an online store operator, you are dependent on making important decisions not from a pure gut feeling. In order to be able to make solid improvements in your store, you should measure the the user behavior of your customers and evaluate them regularly. This will make it much easier for you to decide which products to sell or offer and how to present and promote them. Only through data-driven decisions you will be able to run your online store really profitable!

Below you will find some ideas what you can measure:

  • Which pages are visited by your customers?
  • Which products are your customers interested in?
  • Through which marketing channels do your customers come to the store?
  • How many customers add a product to the shopping cart?
  • How many customers buy?
  • What payment method do they use?
  • How far down the page do users scroll?

Shopify Tip 4: Continuously develop your online store

If you measure and test everything, you will collect valuable data about your customers and their wishes. Use the collected data to make appropriate changes to your online store. Your online store should never be static, especially if you change your inventory frequently or offer seasonal items. You should make some optimizations on a regular basis:

  • Improve the SEO rankings of your Shopify store
  • Update the text on your home page
  • Switch offers and highlighted products
  • Check the loading time of the store
  • Evaluate user behavior

Shopify tip 5: Use high quality images or videos

For all products, you should provide high-quality images and, if possible, 360-degree views. Customers want to know exactly what they are buying. Images or demo videos are an ideal way to bring your products to life online. The photos you show should also be consistent in quality and presentation across all channels. They should represent your brand in an appealing way.

Shopify Tip 6: Ensure high customer satisfaction and good service

The satisfaction of your customers is the most important thing! Only satisfied customers will recommend you and buy from you again. Therefore, never neglect your existing customers and the service that comes with it. Ship all products in proper packaging and within the specified time, and ask old and new customers about their experiences. Respond to all concerns empathetically and promptly. And be accessible by having a phone number available for customers to contact with questions or concerns.

Shopify Tip 7: Listen to your customers

Above all, listen to what your customers want so you can grow your Shopify store and retain your existing customers. Ask them for feedback often. Don't just blindly follow the next marketing trend if it's not relevant to your customers' needs or wants. Always make sure you offer a product that meets your customers' expectations and requirements.

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