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Frida & Fritz

Happy Turtle is a German online store for sustainable straws.
Nowadays, 64 million straws are consumed every day across Europe, which are usually made of plastic. Most of these end up as plastic waste in our oceans, where they endanger living creatures and our ecosystem.
Due to this large amount of plastic waste, Happy Turtle has made it its mission to stop the pollution of the oceans by disposable plastic items and offers environmentally friendly drinking straw alternatives.

True to the motto: From nature for nature

Frida & Fritz

of the project

Since the beginning of Happy Turtle's foundation, Golden Web Age has been supporting the brand, providing advice and creating the online store for the Munich-based startup. To use a cost-effective and scalable store solution, the store system Shopify was used from the beginning.

Two things in particular were important:

  • Excellent storytelling was used to bring the topic of sustainability to the forefront.
  • The store should be very well conversion-optimized right at the beginning to get as many people as possible to buy.
Frida & Fritz
Frida & Fritz
Frida & Fritz


In order to achieve these goals, numerous storytelling elements were integrated on the homepage and product page. In line with the brand name, cute turtles were used in particular. To raise awareness of the issue of environmental pollution, a video was integrated that shows the negative impact of plastic on turtles. In addition, Aliosha as the founder of Happy Turtle was highlighted to provide insights behind the brand.

Conversion optimization
For a higher conversion rate, numerous best-practice optimizations were integrated from the very beginning.

These include in particular:

  • Prominent top bar to highlight free shipping
  • Eye-catching call-to-action button with ideal size for clicking
  • Highlight the fast delivery time
  • Coloring the price in red to take away the price pain of the customer
  • Integration of numerous elements to strengthen trust (ratings, seals, etc.)
  • Highlighting the means of payment that customers can use
  • Use of a sticky add-to-cart button on the product page
Frida & Fritz
Frida & Fritz
Frida & Fritz

case studies

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Web design, user experience, web development
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  • JS

Development of various features for the Grünbeck website. Among other things, a funnel for finding the right product and an interactive map of Germany for an overview of Grünbeck's branches.

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Moments GmbH
CRO consulting, web design / programming, tracking
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  • Google Analytics
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Concept and implementation of a full-fledged eCommerce tracking with Googel Analytics and Google Tag Manager. Consulting regarding conversion optimization and programming of the new product page.

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