Shopify Developer - customize Shopify to your needs

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Christian Waske, April 5, 2022

Shopify Developer - customize Shopify to your needs

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Why is a Shopify developer actually needed and what opportunities does working with a Shopify developer open up for me? These are common questions that we would like to answer in this blog post.

Versatile areas of application for Shopify

Shopify is one of the largest online platforms for e-commerce. More than 1.75 million merchants currently use the platform as a store for online sales. One of the reasons for the large number of merchants on the platform is that it can be used by anyone, as it is very easy to use - at the same time, for experienced and demanding users, it also offers the possibilities to customize the platform to their individual needs.

For new merchants with a small budget, starting a new store is very easy via the selection of a ready-made design template(Shopify theme). The store can then be customized and extended with apps even without programming knowledge.

However, for larger online stores and experienced users, Shopify offers at the same time the possibility to intervene in the corresponding code language and make individual adjustments and extensions. As a rule, such changes are made by a Shopify developer or Shopify agency made.

Shopify theme customizations through the Liquid language

The theme files can be edited by experienced Shopify developers, so you have the ability to customize any theme in any way you want. Shopify templates are a mix of HTML, CSS and Javascript, but with the addition of Liquid code. Liquid is Shopify's scripting language that bridges the gap between Shopify's front-end HTML, back-end and data. While Liquid is relatively easy to learn, it takes experience in using and implementing it to use it correctly. Shopify themes generally use a specific structure. Pages and functions are divided into different sections. So, using Liquid language incorrectly can quickly lead to poor loading time or errors in the store, so you should leave these changes to professional Shopify developers.

Use of a development environment

Editing a single line of code in a file can affect the entire website. As with other platforms and server-side web development frameworks, individual codes are used to create many HTML pages. For this reason, it is critical that all advanced development work is done by Shopify developers who are familiar with basic functionality (HTML, CSS, Javascript), but more importantly, with Liquid and the Shopify platform. For safety, all changes should be extensively tested by such an expert in a development environment at the same time. For this purpose, a duplicate of the store is usually created for programming.

(Almost) unlimited possibilities through Shopify developers

Of course, there is much more to say about Shopify development, such as working with Sections. This allows Shopify developers to set up pages with content sections that can later be easily customized and configured by non-developers. Sections are a powerful way to quickly create user-friendly CMS pages and a great way to organize code. In addition, there is the Shopify API itself, which allows Shopify developers to make major customizations to the store as well.

Selection of a suitable Shopify developer

If you are planning to make theme adjustments or other customizations to your Shopify store, we always recommend choosing an advanced Shopify developer who has the appropriate experience. Take a look at their previous work. A good developer will be able to provide you with appropriate references. A careful check in advance will pay off later when it comes to the quality and stability of your store.

Frequently asked questions about Shopify developers

Which programming language for Shopify?

Shopify templates are a mix of HTML, CSS and Javascript, but with the addition of Liquid code. Liquid is Shopify's scripting language that bridges the gap between the front-end HTML, the back-end, and Shopify's data.

How to build a Shopify store?

Building a Shopify store is as simple as drag-and-drop. There are many Shopify theme templates available, so anyone can build a simple Shopify store.

Our Shopify developers

As an official Shopify partner, we at Golden Web Age can guarantee you all-around worry-free support. We are a Shopify agency, specialized in UX/UI web design and Conversion Optimization.

Our Shopify developers are experienced experts and have already been able to implement the individual wishes of numerous customers.

Whether you're just starting out with your e-commerce business, or want to relaunch and scale your existing store, we've got you covered. We can build your Shopify store for you, make Shopify customizations and make your Shopify frontend irresistible to your customers.

Please contact us for a free introductory meetingand we will explain in detail how we can help you create and optimize your online store. 

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